Juliet Nations

  • 4 years ago
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Wayne Garcia in my opinion is one of the most thoughtful, gifted, and talented realtors that I have ever encountered.  Moreover, I can say without reservation that Wayne compliments his professional skills with the steadfast ethics that one will need from a professional realtor when one contemplates significant decisions such as the sale of one’s residence.

We met Wayne a little over a year ago with the unexpected passing of my sister.  I had heard of Wayne numerous times from my sister over the years as Wayne assisted her in the sale and acquisition of multiple residential properties over the 40+ years that my sister resided in Dallas.  Upon the untimely passing of my sister, my husband and I had to deal with the complexities of the administration of my sister’s estate, one of which was the sale of my sister’s home, since we knew that Wayne had successfully assisted my sister on so many occasions in the sale and selection of her residences, we decided that Wayne would be best suited in assisting us with the sale of her residence.  Wayne proved to be a great deal more than a professional realtor, but that of a trusted confident, who went well beyond any effort that I have ever encountered from a realtor.  Through a combination of Wayne’s comprehensive listings and his engaging efforts in preparing my sister’s home for viewing, we were not only able to quickly sell my sister’s home, but do so at a price that was well above our asking price.  It goes without saying that my husband and I would wholeheartedly endorse Wayne Garcia’s professional services.

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