Sightseeing in Dallas? Reunion Tower is a Must-See!

Reunion Tower

If you are visiting Dallas, Reunion Tower is one stop that you absolutely need to make.

Built in 1978 and 560 feet high, Reunion Tower is the city’s 15th tallest building with an incredible 360-degree view that will take your breath away.  It’s one of the most talked about family-friendly visitor attractions in Dallas.

The Building: Reunion Tower

“The tower contains three floors with circular floor plans on top of four shafts of poured-in-place concrete. A central cylindrical shaft houses both stairs and mechanical equipment. Three rectangular shafts, featuring elevators, rise parallel to the central shaft. Each shaft’s outfacing wall is made up of glass panels, providing tourists views of the city during the 68-second elevator ride to the top.” – Wikipedia

“The Reunion Tower gives you a picturesque view of Dallas that you can’t get anywhere else. Upon entering Reunion Tower, you’ll purchase and/or scan your tickets and wait to go up the elevator for a 60-second lift up to the top. Once on the GeO-Deck, you can see the shapes that line the city and the colorful lights that brighten the night sky. However, from such a vantage point your carrot-powered superhero eyesight won’t be enough to catch all the details. Luckily, the Reunion Tower’s GeO-Deck offers access to high-def zoom cameras, telescopes and interactive touch screens so you can fully immerse yourself in Dallas culture [and] architecture.” –



While Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck is closed due to Covid-19, there are still many things that you can take advantage of when visiting Reunion Tower.

“The Cloud 9 Cafe is accessible from the observation deck, serving meals and snacks with a 360-degree view from behind glass. The gift shop at the tower’s base features souvenirs related to Reunion Tower, Dallas and Texas and other novelty items.” – Wikipedia

“The GeO-Deck features HD zoom cameras, telescopes, interactive touch screens and an outdoor observation deck. –

There is a “Romance Package” that can be purchased for date nights complete with 2 sparkling glasses of wine, VIP elevator service, a digital picture and frame, and Geo-Deck admission tickets.

Birthday parties, graduation gatherings, and anniversaries are all occasions that can be celebrated at Reunion Tower, along with field trips, fundraisers and more.


Fun Fact:

“The Reunion Tower is the setting for a scene in the second season of Dallas. At the time, the structure had only been standing for about six months.” – Wikipedia

The tower is called “the ball” by locals.



300 Reunion Boulevard

Dallas, Texas



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Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

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