Shining Majestic Against the Sky: Fountain Place Tower

Fountain Place Tower

Located in the Arts District near the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the Fountain Place Tower soars into the sky.

The Building: Fountain Place Tower

The Fountain Place Tower is “shaped like a rocket with a green glass exterior and 172 bubbler fountains and a central grand fountain. The tower is 60 stories high… with trees surrounded by water, you could stroll through the fountains and watch the water or find a nice place to sit and write with the sounds of moving water in the air. With many places to eat nearby, it’s a prime location for like-minded guests to talk about everything while the sun goes down, and then watch as the water is illuminated by nightfall.” –

“Designed [in 1986] by preeminent architects I.M. Pei and Harry Cobb of I.M. Pei Partners, the tower [went through] an extensive $70 million interior renovation [featuring] a unique art installation of cast glass created by artist John Lewis. Fountain Place is perhaps most notable for its plaza designed by legendary landscape architect Dan Kiley, comprising 1.7 acres of dancing fountains, trees and gathering spaces, plus several new restaurants on the plaza.” –

“The crystalline form of this glass-clad office tower was designed to meet the developer’s requirement for a distinctive presence on the Dallas skyline. Henry Cobb has described it as ‘what’s left after carving into a square prism.’ Large but subtle slices have been carved from the top, so the tower that emerges is a parallelogram in section, but does not look it from many vantage points. Smaller slices have been carved below to make the ground floor also a parallelogram, creating shady, fountain-filled gardens beneath.” –

“The building[‘s]…various slanted sides causes [it] to have a completely different profile from all directions. The building gets its name from the array of 172 dancing fountains in the plaza at its base.” –


Next Door Neighbor: AMLI Fountain Place

Sitting beside the Fountain Place Tower is AMLI Fountain Place, newly built in 2019, it is home to both offices and residential units.

“AMLI Fountain Place is the residential sibling tower to Dallas’ original Fountain Place. It is located precisely where the original architect Henry Cobb (founding partner of the internationally renowned firm formerly known as I.M. Pei & Partners) envisioned a second twin tower more than 30 years ago when the original Fountain Place office building was constructed.

Once complete, AMLI Fountain Place will be the tallest residence and the only for-rent high-rise living experience in the Dallas Arts District.

The residential and office towers surround the recently renovated Fountain Place plaza, a terraced water garden designed by landscape architect Dan Kiley. Goddard Investment Group spent more than $70 million renovating the existing Fountain Place office tower, including improvements to the plaza and adding a new parking garage and retail space.” –


Fun Stats:

#5 tallest building in Dallas

#15 tallest in Texas

#151 tallest in the United States

#176 tallest in North America

  • late modernist design
  • can be seen in the movie Robocop (1987) and the TV series Queen of the South (USA Network)
*stats via



1445 Ross Avenue
Texas 75202


How to visit

“Fountain Place is towards the north of the downtown district, on Ross Avenue at Field St. The ground floor has restaurants and the fountain gardens open to the public.

While in the area you may be interested to visit I.M. Pei’s Dallas City Hall, about 10 minutes’ walk south down Akard Street (from Ross Avenue one block east of Fountain Place).” –


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